Friday, July 29, 2011


So, I am getting ready for tomorrow. I should have the bodice cut out and ready to do the embrodiery on it. I am going to machine sew the main dress and hand sew the sleeves. Only because I feel it should hold together! lol. I am thinking of handsewing the chemise and underthings. I am having fun getting the ideas for the design and the stitchwork on the Chemise. Unfortunately, I cannot get the picture blown up enough to see the actual design on the painting. It is from 1530 and a venetian style. I believe she shares the same name as I. I have Chenille on hand so that is what the outer dress will be made of. the sleaves will be lined is a raw silk of a lighter brown than the Chenille. the lining of the bodice will be a gold brocade. It should give the stiffness to the bodice that is portrayed in the painting. I am learning to make lucet for the lacing. I have the pearls for the necklace and have access to pearls for the hair piece. That is my next research project. I must find the cap like headpiece she is wearing. I would have wished for velvet for that is what I believe the dress is made of but that would blow the budget completely out of the water. As is i am into things four dollars.

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